You have a dream

We have the tools

Let's be honest: everything needs a website.

And we agree. But it's not for everybody.
You have to learn HTML, JavaScript, CSS or maybe go with Python or a different coding language. Or use a website builder with an unrealistic price. Or just use WordPress or Joomla. Oh, what's hosting? Domain name? DNS records? I have to pay for that?
But the truth is, you have no choice. You can't direct your customers through contacting you directly. What if you don't have the time? What if you're doing something more important? So, we're here to fix that with Blink.

Advertising made easy

We can make advertising easy. You can put an ad code on your website and make money. Or upload an ad and watch your business soar. And non-profits, charities, Blink customers or Dneail partners are eligible for a $300 voucher (with code 300OFF)!